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Growing Instructions

We recommend waiting to plant your seeds until the final winter frost has passed. So plant anytime from late March or Early April onwards, when the warmer weather appears.


Find a pot or in fact any useful container to plant your seeds in. We find that using old flower pots and recycled tin cans and jars can make for a very interesting and varied feature.
  1. Fill the container with compost & moisten the surface
  2. Sprinkle the seeds evenly on top of the compost
  3. Cover the containers and put them in a warm place
  4. Uncover the seedlings once you can see the shoots and transfer them to a shady outside spot
  5. Keep the soil moist and watch them grow 

Germination Times

All our seeds have identical growing instructions although they do take slightly different times to germinate:

 Variant Germination Time
Wildflower Mix 12 – 14 Days
Red Poppy 10 – 14 Days
White Daisy 10 -20 Days
Sunflower 7 – 14 Days
Parsley 7 -10 Days
Chives 10 – 16 Days
Basil 12 - 20 Days